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After legislation of Forests Act, 2005, involvement of forest adjacent communities was initiated in various parts of the country. Menengai Community Forest Association (MCFA) was initiated in 2004 and registered with Director Kenya Forest Service in September 2005. It has a total membership of -- - where the members are drawn from six (6) user groups. These are Ecotourism group, Bee keepers, Grazers, Firewood collectors, Community scouts, among others.


To be the best CFA in sustainable management of forest in Kenya to the present and future generations


A sustainably managed Menengai forest for the present and future generations


Menengai community forest station to be the best sustainably managed forest and its resources for the present and future generation through community participation


The management objectives of this plan are drawn from the draft Forest Policy, Sessional paper No.4 of 2006. The management objectives of this plan therefore are to:

  • - Contribute to poverty reduction; create employment, improve livelihood through sustainable use and contribute to the conservation and management of forests and trees.
  • - Contribute to sustainable land use through soil, water and biodiversity conservation and tree planting though the sustainable management of forests and trees.
  • - Promote the participation of private sector, communities and other stakeholders in Forest management to conserve water catchment areas, create employment, promote ecotourism, reduce poverty and ensure the sustainability of the forest sector.
  • - Promote farm forestry to produce timber, wood fuel and other forest products.

Promote forest extension to enable farmers and other stakeholders to benefit from forest management approaches and technologies

For those willing to join menengai community Forest association, will have to pay a membership fee of Ksh 250 per person, Corporate membership fee Ksh 10,000
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