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About Menengai Forest and Caldera!
Menengai forest is a high altitude urban forest. It is a high visible forest in the sense that it is within the vicinity of the Nakuru county headquarters and also the head office of Mau conservancy.

Menengai mountain and was gazetted as a forest in the 1930s. It rises to a height of 2,278 meters above sea level and ending with a volcanic bowl known as a caldera. The caldera is a shield volcanic mountain and is the second largest caldera in Africa after Ngorongoro in Tanzania. Menengai is an urban forest located about three kilometers from the central business district of Nakuru town

The forest area covers about 7,000Ha, which includes the crater floor which is used by geothermal development company for generation of steam wells for eventual development of geothermal power. The crater is also an important tourism site as it is within the corridor of western tourism sector and very close to Lake Nakuru national park which is one of the most visited tourist site in the country. It is also surrounded by the crop heritage site of Lake Elementaita and L. Bogoria”