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Participatory Forest Management Plan (PFMP)

The overall goal of the plan is that, Menengai community forest station to be the best sustainably managed forest and its resources for the present and future generation through community participation

The development of the plan started in February, 2013 and was completed in August, 2015 when it was launched by the Director, Kenya Forest Service now the Chief Conservator of Forests under the current Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016.

Participatory Forest Management Plan (PFMP) established an implementing platform in the name of Plan Implementation Committee (PIC). The PIC is mandated to implement the PFMP.

PIC is composed of;

  1. The Kenya Forest Service
  2. Geothermal Development Company (GDC)
  3. The County Government of Nakuru
  4. The National Government Administrative and Coordination Office (NGAO)
  5. The Community (Menengai CFA)
  6. The Academia (Egerton University)

One of the mandates of the Plan Implementation Committee (PIC) is to carry out resources mobilization by seeking the support from development partners